OUR SERVICES ARE designed to help you successfully execute your ideas, impact the Community, & empower YoU to dream in color.  

Youth Life Coaching/



We are passionate about mentoring and coaching youth to achieve their goals personally and professionally.

Activate Your Superpower is our 

facilitated youth leadership workshop that introduces and teaches leadership development techniques to youth and teens achieving the following: 

  1. Increasing the level of self-awareness in youth

  2. Introduction and implementation of Organizational Development and Leadership models earlier than later;

  3. Aid educators in connecting with students’ skills and interests as they relate to their purpose

  4. Equip students with more effective ways to communicate their strongest intrinsic motivators to achieve success to parents, teachers, mentors, and other adults in their lives.

  5. Create a social environment in youth development programs that enhance social behavior;

  6. Help students identify ways that their strengths can lead change in their communities.

Community Engagement

Statistics show that companies and organizations that have an association with a local community cause are most successful. Our goal is to assist you in developing a company/ organizational culture that includes giving back to the community in your mission. Areas of specialty: Youth Development, Volunteer Engagement, Donor Engagement, Grant Consulting, and Philanthropic Education.  

Leadership Worskhops

Request a facilitated workshop that focuses on building leadership skills.

Topics Include:

  1. Leadership Development

  2. Team Building

  3. Goal Setting

  4. Building Your Community

  5. Family Structure

  6. Narrative Therapy

  7. Diverse Families

  8. More Leadership Topics Upon Request

Creative Project Consulting

Are you an artist? Are you getting ready to launch a new creative project? Our team is experienced in writing, producing, and advising on creative projects. Our creative process is designed to organize your ideas, create a strategy for implementation while allowing you to be the driver of your project. Our team serves as a "creative bank of ideas" that allows you to "dream in color".

Collaboration Curators

Making a positive impact should not rest on the shoulders of one person or just a few. It takes a collaborative effort. I have witnessed so many genius plans fail simply because there were only a few people working hard to maintain it. More alarmingly I have witnessed too many skilled and heart led leaders and change agents give up because they lose hope, energy, passion and the motivation to continue leading the change that is critically to forward movement.

In order to remain resilient leaders and change agents need help, inspiration, motivating teammates to help them continue their task/ calling, etc.  Our solution is to support existing leaders and train aspiring leaders and change agents to seek intentional collaborations and collaborate successfully.