Drawing Circles Lately

Drawing Circles Lately I have been drawing circles. Let me elaborate. Lately I have been writing down my thoughts, goals and prayers in a journal as apart of a 40 day prayer challenge inspired by author Mark Batterson. When I write it down, work on the goal, and accomplish it, I draw a circle around it. That is why I call it drawing circles, write down your dream, prayer, idea, etc and when you accomplish it draw a circle around it. Congratulations, you've came full circle. It surprised me that as I'm reaching day 28 of the challenge, I'm only on Day 8 of the actual book 'Draw the Circle'. Have you ever heard "People make time for what they want"? This is ringing true to me. Last night I opened my journal to jot down some prayers for my sister Sheena, 51, who passed away from a stroke Sunday. Psalms 147:3. Late last year my dad opened communication pathways for me to get to know my siblings and Sheena was planning a group dinner for everyone to sit down and come together. "We all have to sit down and do dinner," she said "We have to build a relationship and keep in touch." Well we never got around to it. None of the siblings made the time. Now we will be making the time to finally all come together at Sheena's home going. It pains me that my siblings and I couldn't come together before her passing. Last night I journal-ed this prayer, "May we all(siblings) make the time to gather and form relationships in honor of Sheena." There is no reason I should be on chapter 8 of this read and reaching day 28/40 of the challenge. There is no reason that knowing of my siblings for a year now, our first and full gathering will be at the home going of one. I also journal-ed this goal, "I will make time, I do have the time. I want a strong relationship with - friends family & GOD." At the end of my journals no matter what is going on in my life or the space around me I still got to say Thank you.

& Thank you for reading. Ig: lindsayihayes

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