Worldy Battles vs. An Infinite Love

Dear Mighty Counselor!

God I knew it! I know that you love me. You never take your hand off of me. Protecting me with your direction, love, and affection. When I was in such a low place spiritually, you lifted me out of that dark place. Lord, I need the full armor of protection. Arm me with an impenetrable shield. I feel the spiritual attacks from the enemy. Why? Well, because my testimony of struggle will free so many! I am so excited to be a voice to so many of my brothers and sisters who are trapped in bondage simply because they need a word and a touch from you. Perpetrators of the faith have perverted your word and your name which have hardened the hearts of so many. I know the feeling of not knowing where to turn to feel an authentic connection with the Holy Spirit. So where can we turn?! You called on me and I answered. I accept the call to be used by you to save your children. Bringing them back to you so that you can rebuild them. As you rebuilt me. Broken I was and you put me back together. In bondage I was and you unshackled the chains. For this, your son was slain and endured the pain of what remains the result of sin. Your name remains the same: The Highest of High. I give you all the glory as I tell my and his story which broke the records in history as “the perfect love story”. The suffering won’t last always for I know there are not many days in a human life span. The promise of 70 or more as we honor our parents. So as I step out into the world, cover me Jesus with your royal armor. Remind me that the war has already been won. The worldly battles are merely a distraction.


Your Beloved Daughter

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