A Criminal Called King- Not Guilty

A Criminal Called King- Not Guilty The assembly of words is about like the air in the atmosphere. They're everywhere, yet that doesn't mean that they are good. Sad'e asked the question "Is it a Crime"? Well...is it?? I ask that same piece. To have been away for quite some time. Shame on me, no? How dangerous to be without the medicated supplement of pulled thoughts. Cringing cause yet again...I can't give you more than that! More than these words..those sentences that you may have read. The barrels of fragments...like that one!! You all want the subject-verb agreement to flow like your daiquiris at a jazz bar!! I bet you didn't get one for me either...right! Where am I going with this??? If you're asking that question, there's either one of two things that should come to play! One: You've never read anything that the writer has submitted to you. Or Two: your mind isn't prepared for this quite yet..and that's ok too! No license to love, yet I do. Told not to eat, yet I must. Desire to produce a newfound, articulate situation...yet I haven't yet!! Do I dare ask for a hand??? The bull dares not! The stubborn kiss of a wanderer forbids this. But...I am bound by no man or his thoughts!! My own constrictions...again I ask that question!! To the beauty in you all, my words are like a contained tornado! Some belief that it is beyond majestic while some fear that they are destructive. Ha...my epileptic episodes are destructive!! Do you know the thoughts of a criminal called King??? Truthfully observing the landscape...still pulling up! My dears, heed me. Spread this...the reasons why this love needs to be known!! Let them see that the King that they've stolen from..the ankh that they tried to snatch off. The art that they tried to overlook...has awaken another piece. Let the land know...not guilty!!

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