I asked God, "Why are my people in bondage?" MY people in particular.

Then the most ironic thought came to me.

Since my people have always been in bondage

we don't know what freedom is, or do we?

Because if we really knew freedom,

our awareness of freedom would be so keen

that we would already be free.

If we have never been free, then how do we know what freedom tastes like?

If God himself served us a plate of freedom, would we know that it was freedom?

This is my thought brothahs and sistahs: "We don't know freedom,

so we don't know that we are free.

so, are we really in bondage or do we not know that we are actually free?

If God can do ALL Things, then he can surely set us free!

But if we can't recognize freedom, then how will we know that we are free?

Lord, this is my plea.

Wake up my people especially my brothahs

Let them know that they are free.

But free doesn't mean that you stop being courageous.

God gave you the courage so use it to maintain our freedom.

Say yes to God, be obedient and humble.

Put your pride to the side and become heirs to the kingdom so

that we can focus more on the family

And reshape what has been broken.

The chains have been broken.

Are my people really free?

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