Take It Off

It's 1:06am. The sun is sleep and the lunar rays are glaring. No more waiting. No more running. No more hiding. ...you're cornered!! There's no sense in resisting. It'd be in the best interest of us both if you just...take it off!!

Don't play...

Take it off!

The mask that gifts your face "life"

How it shades and refines you and makes you feel beautiful.

Or the lipstick that makes those lips look so suculant

Give me that tight...black...dress!! The one that makes my eyes paint pictures of the frame within grasp. That one that compells the drive of the average and enitces the will of the advance.

Place the jewelry next to the candle vase. Melted gold is goldmine!!

...Oh..you can come on down 6 inches too!!


Well who is this that I'm seeing?? I've only heard stories about you as I slept!! Foreign to my sight but yet, this feeling to learn about her. ..the things that have held her at bay!! Her reasons as to why she hides herself.

The woman who stands her place...although not her...lovely to the tip. But, she is not she. Because she...is her!

What hides a queen in her own kingdom?

Can I meet you?? This...naked goddess??

...unclothed while fabrics cover her body.

Showing her aura for the first time. Alluring and mysterious, yet timid and open...

Can we meet??

..and before you say no


...I'm naked!!

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