When you wanted to drown in your fast would you've died?? There's no life jackets. No life guards and the canoe is Titanic: gone!

Hey there pretty girl. Have you ever just wanted your mind to speak to me the way you wanted to...but she couldn't breathe? As it stands, I know that feeling of being blocked. Like now...trying to coverse with you. Seems like everything's going as it can! My words should be as mysterious as the lands from which I found them. But where's the mystery don't even know! Hmph...wouldn't the lack of knowing make it a mystery though? From my perspective, it's an adventure knowing you..without even making it to the water that you'd call your mind! It's like my random literature is senseless, but the point being that not everything that lurks in the ocean makes sense! If you don't know what the ocean is by now..look out unto the distance. It'll come.

Have many barriers have been composed? A better question: how did you manage to create such steardy bases? You'd say so much, and still wouldn't get a verbal out. See...I know that the more I ask, the stronger it becomes. So as time winds down...may I offer you a glass, Hotel Source, and free course to swim out in the open? I'll be here listening

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