A Letter To Myself

The song started a long time ago. Change is inevitable. Holding on to what faults was yours. I saw the needle line with the vinyl as life started to repeat itself again. I know lies like I know my numbers, but I know what the truth is like I know you. ...and the truth is...that I don't know it. Summertime was nice. Moonlight gleaming, midnight breezes. Remember how I told you about nothing?? A wanderer in the ocean against high tide. Nothing indeed. I used to fly above the cumulus at night. Moving from places to places. Pieces of words taken from my soul. Tainted with a spotless mark. I mean let's face it...I'm crazy! Loving you was nice. I had my reasons...but in this season...I'm cold. See, I've been inside inside. Empty streams, I could see it. That's why I left tonight. To find a place to call home. Never mind the bed sheets! I want my wings back!!! The image you saw on the sunset and it didn't look like it was from here...that was me!! The best kept secret that nobody knew about! Climax against your dreams and explosions against the soul!! But they have new days...just newer old ways. Shame on me for pacing.. Shamed to be so amazing!! Shame on me for chasing... Shame on me for blazing.

Was it all that you thought about??

Let's just face it...

You're a wanderer

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