Love. Think. SPEAK With OHOMOM.




My brothah as you get to know yourself, 

know that the foundation of your pursuit of knowledge is the Beauty of your heart. 

It is conjoined with the creator of love and once activated the mind and all of its thoughts must come under submission. You ever wonder why they call it making love when love has already been made. 

It's because the two are making love repeat it's name otherwise reminding the body that it is under love's submission. 

That's love's affirmation. 

What's your position? 

Are you wishing or fishing for yourself when you always know who you are 

just as long as love doesn't go missing. 

So what's the mission? 

We're back to the beginning. 

In your pursuit of knowledge of self. 

Are you lost or found? 

They're definitely not the same because the presence of love makes the difference. 




Pass the moon

I'll search for ya;

My bridegroom 

Stay sweet 

like dessert for ya;

I'll even make it 

Hurt for ya. 

Long as you stay 

In til we Fin. 

You can take it 

Don't break 

Til it's over.

You can Retreat for 

Comfort in the covers. 

We make music 

THe title of the song is:

Two Lovers.

Brother and sister. 

We were meant for this. 

My homie turned into

A man that fought

For his.

Oh me? 

I speak Life. 

To his mind and body,

Passing mics 

Like TIP and PHIFE. 

In the darkness 

When we collide (big bang theory)

It's like the creation of light. 

Keeping rhythm 

Syncopating like

The Lows and the heights. 

Have a lot to say 

About this love. 

Tried to avoid it 

Even voided 

What God knew it was 

It's amazing 

how God would allow us 

To mirror His Mystery. 

Secrecy ain't on his agenda. 

Obvious Chemistry. 

Discretion is reserved for times 

When we're making history. 

Soon as I realized how much 

God was into me,

I ran back to him

So he could enter me. 

Now I am called his queen.