Founder/ Director

JoVantreis "Dr. JoVeezy" Tolliver was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi and began a new chapter of her journey in the summer of 2012 by moving to Atlanta, GA. She enrolled into the Masters in Organizational Development & Leadership program at the GA Campus Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. During this period, she a found a passion as well as a divine calling for engaging the community through arts, outreach, and transparency. This divine energy inspired her to launch Open Hearts Open Minds Open Mouths LLC, a creative bank of ideas that give back. 
Named by her peers, colleagues, and community as an Innovative and Phenomenal Leader, she has been recognized by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits and the Young Nonprofits Professional Network's 30 Under 30 Achievement 2017 Award recipient. JoVantreis is a naturally engaging, passionate speaker, musician, and life coach who leads with love while offering her talents and gifts in service to others. As a young servant-leader in the community engagement sector and creative arts industry, Jo has shown great courage to push past the status quo to drive meaningful change through innovation.
Inclusion is a core value.  She aggressively advocates for constituent voices when shaping strategies to improve programming and services for local programs and organizations. Using creativity and transparency as the two main ingredients, she is able to connect with groups within the community like the youth and empower them to seek their highest potential while making impactful changes in their communities.
She currently spends a great deal of her time coaching and mentoring youth, writing, recording music, facilitating workshops, cultivating and maintaining community partnerships, and helping organizations shape their programming to achieve success. Her background in the sciences as well as Organizational Development and Leadership has sharpened her strategy leading her to accomplish many achievements including:
  • increasing youth community engagement by creating events to steward community partnerships
  • engaging corporate partners through civic service projects to connect to awarded grants and significant financial contributions
  • engaging and collaborating with local colleges to establish and implement leadership development programs for youth, college students, and young adults
  • Mentor, coach, and counsel Cedar Grove High School students through marching drumline training. 
  • Facilitate Youth Leadership Development Workshop and Curriculum: Activate Your Superpower!



 Awards and Activities
Young Nonprofit Professionals Network 30 Under 30 Achievement Award Recipient
Workshop Presenter for the
 2018 Georgia Afterschool and Youth Development Conference
Black Excellence Film Festival 2018
Film Director Participant 
Millennial Advisory Panel
Alternate Roots Member

QUEST Internship Mentor


Victory World Church Greeter


After School Program Mentor

Gwinnett Neighborhood Leadership Institute Alumnus

Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy Alumnus

African Outreach Foundation Inc. Board Member and Mentor