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Activate Your Superpower is a curriculum and workshop that helps students and youth to recognize their abilities, skills, and gifts as superpowers.


After all, we are all superheroes! Right?!


Taking the superhero theme, students are encouraged to become more aware of their uniqueness as an individual and intentionally seek to use and enhance their skills to contribute to society.

Activate Your Superpower workshop seeks to achieve the following: to see an obvious increase in the self-awareness of youth; to implement Organizational Development and Leadership models earlier than later; to help educators better connect with students’ skills and interests as they relate to their purpose; to equip students with more effective ways to communicate their strongest intrinsic motivators to achieve success; to create a social environment in After School Programs that enhance social behavior, help to shape a healthy identity, and illuminate opportunities for students to contribute to the community.


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Our founder, JoVantreis was featured in the Georgia Center for Nonprofits and Work For Good’s promo for their first Ebook based on the recent survey of 200 nonprofit pros and titled The Nonprofit Workforce Speaks: Candid insight to attract, engage and retain top mission-driven talent.
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