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Georgia After School and Youth Development Conference

Sept. 26th-28th

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Presenter and Exhibitor for the 2018 Georgia Afterschool & Youth Development (ASYD) Conference at the Georgia Columbus Convention & Trade Center in Columbus, GA

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Millennials On A Mission

Fri, June 8, 2018

How are millennial grantmakers and changemakers evolving traditional philanthropy? What barriers do current millennial grantmakers and changemakers face that impede making a greater impact? What are they seeking to do differently than their predecessors?

Open Brunch Day Party 

MARCH 11, 2018

House of Blended Ink (HOBI) Studios

Thanks to everyone who attended to help us raise money for the Rainbow Village's Back to School Event 

Black Excellence Film Festival 


February 25, 2018

Jackson State University

OHOMOM Produced short film "Let There Be Light" was selected to screen at The First Annual Black Excellence Film Festival Sunday, February 25, 2018. 


Tiffany Williams, Jackson State University Alumnus and CEO of Peggy Watts Productions created The Black Excellence Film Festival to highlight, celebrate, and bring together the black filmmakers, creatives, and entrepreneurs of Mississippi under one roof, in one city. 

Black Arts Festival 


February 8-10, 2018

Columbia College Chicago

The Black Arts Festival provides an affirming, community space for Chicago artists who identify within the African diaspora to share work (film, music, dance, design, fine art, spoken word, academic papers, etc.), and critically engage with each other through roundtable discussions, audience interaction and collaboration. The festival engages the larger Columbia community--creating a space for the entire Columbia campus to learn and listen to one another,  to express the connectedness of all of our experiences, while also taking and creating space for black students, their artwork and their stories.



In the Spring of 2017, Alivia Blade and Bri Heath, Columbia students and co-founders of SAFE SPACE Chicago (a black artist community), noticed similar experiences and concerns from black students at Columbia. Their peers expressed feeling quite isolated at Columbia, and a lack of openness and affirmation toward their work in classroom settings. From these surveys, students expressed feelings of isolation, as well as a desire to have space to share their artwork, have their artwork affirmed by the larger Columbia community, collaborate with other black students, and engage with black faculty members. Alivia and Bri decided to approach Dr. Robert Hanserd with the idea of a black arts festival, where black artists could be in community with one another, engage in critical dialogue with other artists and intellectuals, and be affirmed in their work.

Jackson Indie Music Week 


January 8-15, 2017

OHOMOM were proud sponsors of the 2017 Jackson Indie Music Festival (JIM). JIM Week is a celebration of Central Mississippi’s independent music scene. It is a week-long series of concerts, showcases, panels, and parties, spotlighting creatives from the genres of Rock, Hip Hop, EDM, Blues, and Independent Film & Video. Jackson Indie Music Week aims to honor what has come to be known as the “Birthplace of America’s Music” in none other than the entertainment capital of Mississippi.

JIM Week 2017 featured the OHOMOM production musical short film entitled, "Let There Be Light" by Dr. JoVeezy. 

The film has also been recognized and given a high rating by the Atlanta Underground Film Festival 2017, JXN Indie Week 2017, and the JSU Black Excellence Film Festival 2018.

Your Majic Is Enough Women's Empowerment Panel

#YMIE 5.11.17

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